A message from Anwar Carrots - "This collaboration is for my 16 year old self, that bought the fuchsia, zebra-print LRG Savage wordmark tee from Up Against the Wall. To go with the black denim fuchsia air forces I copped from Undftd, when it was next to Stussy in 06’.  I reminisce about coming up with names for a brand/ blog at Bryan's crib after school at his pops crib (RIP).  This is a very proud moment!  Twenty one year old me is also thankful about meeting and interviewing the founder, and creator of LRG, Jonas Bevacqua. This is a brand that has a legacy even myself would love to have and favor. Thinking back to 2012 when LRG put myself, Josh Peas and Casey in an LRG advertising campaign, This is truly a full circle moment. Thank you to the whole LRG team for seeing in Carrots what they see in LRG... Roots & Growth. Jonas Forever."