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STICKER CONTEST! Oh yes, we have #LRGIRLS stickers! And we’d love to see you stick them in the most original and creative way on your favorite items and in cool places! That’s why we made a contest… The prize? A #LRGIRLS goodiebag. Can this even get more awesome?

How does the contest work?

  • Get 1 of 3 #LRGirls stickers for FREE with your Purchase.
  • Stick that sticker! Stick it on an object or in a cool place in the most creative, original and funny way you can think of. You get to stick two of these babies so choose your targets wisely! Every person counts as one entry.
  • Take a good picture and post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #LRGirls/#LRG/#Staylifted. Tell us why you chose to put your sticker there and maybe you’ll be the proud new owner of a #LRGirls goodie bag!


Every week we will pick the most original #LRGirl as the winner.  So stick your sticker in the most creative and original way and maybe you’ll be one of the winners!


We will pick the winners randomly through the HASHTAGS!

Happy sticking!