• Vote Carlos Ribeiro for POPULIST

    It takes a special kind of skater to think of a complex flatground trick and say, "Hmm, I bet I could do that over a picnic table." That's part of what makes Carlos so special. Newly professional, Carlos's fantastic year included a magazine cover, 1st place at CPH Pro (triangle section), a mega part in 1947, a Battle Commander part, an insane Run & Gun, and his Primitive part. Being a Pro can be immensely challenging, but Carlos somehow makes it all just seem like a picnic.

  • Vote Miles Silvas for POPULIST

    Miles Silvas' extra-large ender part in LRG's 1947 is a masterpiece that still leaves you wanting more. Pure style and the back noseblunt of all backs noseblunts. In a year that also included two magazine covers, entering BATB, and turning Pro, Miles is also filming for next year's adidas release, Away Days. It seems as though expectations have never been higher for a new Pro, and for good reason. The quality of his output this year has been miles ahead.


  • Carlos Ribeiro has back overcrooks on lock

  • L-R-G presents 7th annual Matriz Pro

    Congratulations to L-R-G team rider Carlos Ribeiro who won 2nd place in the 7th annual Matriz Pro in Porto Alegre, Brazil. This contest is the vision of Matriz skateshop which is owned by Rodrigo TX and Cezar Gordo. After 7 years this contest remains to be the biggest street skateboarding contest in Brazil. Much respect to Rodrigo TX and Cezar Gordo for continuing to support skateboarding in such a massive way in Brazil. #SalveARua

    Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.04.01 AM

  • 1947: Researched - Jack Curtin

    Head over to The Berrics and check out some raw clips from Jack's 1947 part.

  • Skate Nerd: Tommy vs Carlos

    Direct from the Skate Nerd Studios at TWS, Tommy and Carlos battle it out with sheer skate knowledge.

  • Trent McClung's "1947" Part

    Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 11.01.11 AM


  • Epic Tricks: Carlos Ribeiro’s Switch BS 360

  • Afternoon in the Park: LRG