• Carlos Ribeiro Full Part Coming 8.3.15

  • Carlos Ribeiro - Table Manners

  • Shortboarding Premier

    LRG Canada is proud to present SHORTBOARDING, a Canadian skateboarding video by Dakota Allison. Featuring LRG Canada riders Arte Lew and Mike Campbell. It’s been premiered in Vancouver at The Rio Theatre, in Regina at The Tiki Room skate shop, and now this weekend it’s premiering in Montreal @ Normands Tavern. More premiers to be announced. DVD’s will be available in select shops soon. Online release with KINGSHIT due to drop later this year.


  • Carlos Ribeiro - Subject

  • How Carlos Ribeiro Won Copenhagen Open 2015


    LRG Skate Team Rider Miles Silvas appears in the latest In Bloom Interview - Read an excerpt from the Interview where Miles discusses his start in skateboarding, Traveling the world, and his much anticipated part in the upcoming 1947 Video, which set to drop in October. Read the Full Interview here.

    "At just 19, Miles Silvas has already accomplished more than many people do during their entire career in skateboarding; and he's just getting started. He's graced the covers of both Thrasher and Transworld within a year of each other, he inked a deal with Adidas in 2014, he has a serious video part releasing in the LRG video in a couple of months, and his well-deserved pro model on Organika will be making it's debut in May. To say that Miles is on fire right now would be a bit of an understatement. We caught up with the Sacramento native on the phone between trips to Spain and China to get his perspective on it all and find out how it feels to be in your prime and on top of your game."


    Let's start with the basics. Where are you from and how'd you get into skateboarding?

    I'm from Sacramento, California. I'm from San Jose originally, but I lived in Sacramento since I was five. I started skating when I was super young, right around the time I moved to Sac. I lived with my aunt and uncle and my cousin was thirteen when I was five. He was always skating in the front yard with his friend and he gave me my first board.

    So what's life like now that you're just fully focussed on skateboarding?

    It's been good. Yeah, I didn't finish high school. I took my GED test, so I got that; and now I'm just chillin' and trying to focus on skating. I've been doing a lot of traveling lately. It's pretty crazy, it's good – just doing a lot of skating right now.

    How's the filming for the LRG video going? That's coming out a little bit later this year, are you stoked on the footage that you got for your part?

    Yeah, I'm super hyped on my part. The whole video is gonna be super sick. The crew is tight and we've been doing a bunch of trips. We're going on one last trip to Shanghai in April. That's going to be the last trip and the final filming before he video's done. The video should be out pretty soon – around Juneish, so I'm really excited for that.


  • Santa Cruz Welcomes Tom Asta

  • LRG Skate - Street League Highlights - Tom Asta & Felipe Gustavo

    Felipe frontside flip
    Felipe - fs flip

    Felipe kickflip crooks
    Felipe - Flip Crooked

    Tom Asta switch front feeble
    Tom - Ss Feeble

    felipe switch flip
    Felipe - Nollie Flip

  • 1947 Video Trailer #2

    Premiering this October

    LRG's 2nd Full Length Video

    Starring Tom Asta - Miles Silvas - Rodrigo TX - Felipe Gustavo - Trent Mcclung -  Carlos Ribeiro - Jack Curtin - Chico Brenes - Tommy Sandoval
    Directed by  kylecamarillo
    Jonas Bevacqua (1977-2011), co-founder of LRG, used 47 and 1947 since LRG’s inception as a tribute to his mother, Helen. Jonas often said that without the support of his family, and in particular his mother, LRG would never have come into fruition. As LRG grew and time progressed, 1947 grew to become a symbol of family, of love, and of dedication to something greater than one’s self.
    1947 is our second full-length skate video, named in honor of Jonas and his family, and in recognition of the unity of our team and the importance of being part of something greater. From the skateboarders to the people behind the scenes supporting the video and the brand, LRG remains a family operation.

    1947 Trailer from LRG Clothing on Vimeo.


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