Do You Have A Catalog?

Catalogs are currently distributed to only retailers that have active accounts. No catalogs are distributed to consumers.

How can I become a model for LRG?

Models are acquired exclusively as music artists, athletes and employees that we currently work with.

Can I get sponsored by LRG?

Yes. However we are very selective of the individuals that we choose to sponsor. If you are qualified you would be notified by us.

How can I become a dealer inside the United States?

Please visit the contact page of the site and inquire with the sales rep for your region. They will reply with instructions on how to apply to become a dealer.

Where can I buy the clothes in the ad?

Please visit the buy l-r-g section of the site and choose your state or enter your city name for a listing of dealers in your area.

Do you have warehouse sales?

We currently do not have any warehouse sales scheduled, we have in the past however that has become too chaotic to continue. Any upcoming special sales would be announced on this website.

How can I get a job at LRG?

For warehouse positions please email: warehousejobs@l-r-g.com. For other positions please visit malakye.com for any available openings listed.