• LRG Summer 2015 - Los Lifted


    The Cuba that inspired the Los Lifted collection is resilient, creative, and militant: A place where vintage cars fill the streets, where the colors and people are warm and lively, and where rebels take on the world from illicit crop fields.
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  • Where Is My LRG Lighter?

    LRG needs your help

    There’s no worse feeling than realizing you’ve lost something. Smokers out there can empathize with the feeling you get when you can’t find your lighter. Not long ago, somewhere in L.A., a very special lighter of ours went missing.

    When we realized it was gone, we did the usual: we asked our “friends” (most likely suspects); we checked that spot in the car between the driver’s seat and the center console; we searched our homes, offices, all to no avail.

    The fact is- that little lighter could be anywhere at this point…

    Please help us get the word out by reposting our Missing Sign on your IG page with the hash tag #WHEREISMYLRGLIGHTER.

    Things haven’t been the same since we lost it. If your repost leads to the recovery of the lighter, you’ll get a free Missing Tee and Summer 15 Sticker pack.


  • LRG Skate In Shanghai


    If you follow @lrgskate, you know that most of our team is in China. It’s only been a few days, and already the trip has been memorable. More pics and updates later this week.

    Tommy Gunz nollie pop shuv it.

    Felipe and Kyle putting in work.

    When the van explodes…

    Miles Silva kickflip.

    Security knows Felipe already killed this spot.

    Felipe makes sure everyone is current on who ate shit on the Internet.

    Felipe with his new crew.

    Kyle Camarillo is filming 1947 on location. Follow Felipe, Tommy, Chico, Trent, Carlos, and Miles they skate Shanghai.

  • LRG Girls Summer 15 Lookbook

    Summer 2015 l-r-g for her is available now at shop.l-r-g.com.

    The High Life requires the dedication of a world-class athlete. But life isn’t a race- it’s about keeping an elevated perspective. The Force 47 Cropped Jersey in Caviar and the Force 47 Short is available in Caviar and Turkish Sea.

    The Up Front Top: You think the USA should legalize marijuana, and you’re up front about it. We designed the Up Front Top for those who stand up proudly for good weed and good democracy. Available in Caviar.

    The Lifted Legend Baseball Top features multi-fabric piecing in 100% cotton jersey, ribbed knit, and cotton mesh. The message: hustle - Available in Turkish Sea.

    The Crush Top: Constructed with modal jersey, the fabric has a luxurious feel. The Crush Top has an open back and mesh piecing on the shoulders. The modal jersey is slightly transparent. Hustle Trees means the dissemination of l-r-g’s ideas through hard work and dedication, through the grind and effort needed to be successful. Available in Caviar.

    Shop these pieces and more from our Summer collection at l-r-g.com.

    L-r-g for her: lifted in the lap of luxury.











  • Yung Lenox at Tribeca Film Festival

    Yung Lenox as featured in the New York Times.

    When 8-year-old Lenox Buringrud, known by the name Yung Lenox, was asked about his first impressions of New York City, during a visit to town last weekend, he responded with appropriate candor: “It’s kinda smelly,” he said. Despite it being the hometown of several of his favorite rap artists — Action Bronson and A$AP Ferg, for example — the city’s trademark characteristics, such as the steady noise and unidentifiable odors, were clearly less impressive for the Seattle-based third grader who had arrived for the premiere of “Live Fast, Draw Yung,” a lighthearted, 16-minute documentary which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival last Friday.

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    More about Yung Lenox & LRG

    Photo: @shanemacomber
    Source: New York Times Style Magazine

  • 420 at Daddy's Pipes & Collective

    While companies like McDonalds acknowledge 420 with a wink and a McGriddle, Our crack team of marketers went to the epicenter of Southern California’s 420 festivities unafraid to pay tribute to the reefer-fueled revelry that is slowly creeping into the mainstream.

    Daddy’s Collective in Sherman Oaks is known as a high-class glass smoke shop and the best medical marijuana dispensary in the world. Patrons were treated to custom trays and containers to take on their way out. The Grilled Cheese Truck sat outside Daddy's declaring war on munchies.

    Lifted Research Service Announcement: While marijuana is an important medicine for patients in need, we don’t condone use of cannabis by minors and people who shouldn’t use it. While we might reference it in some of our products, many of us here choose not to partake- it’s a personal and medical choice. We respect people for who they are, not whether or not they consume cannabis.  We especially respect people who give us free weed… to help with the bad back. Thanks to Daddy’s for letting us stop by. Until next year!
















  • Keznamdi - 10 Pound

    Just in time for 4/20, Kingston, Jamaica's Own Keznamdi drops his video for "10 Pound" Produced by Naturual High. Watch the video brow.

    Follow Keznamdi here

  • LRG On The Group Summer 2015 Capsule Exclusive

    To commemorate the passage of 420, we partnered with the mercantile experts at Zumiez to create a 420 capsule called “Always on the Grow”. The capsule features three pieces, two tee shirts and one tank top. The aesthetic is tech-natural. The message: we’re always growing.

    Available soon exclusively at Zumiez stores and Zumiez.com.

    ZUMIEZ5 Zumiez4201 d151156s-bl30-1 d151157s-bl30-1 d151158s-bl30-1 ZUMIEZ3


  • Problem and DJ Drama - Smokin Fresh 420

    Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 4.25.21 PM

  • LRG Summer 15 - Signals Short Sleeve Knit Tee

    At l-r-g, we explore concepts that inspire incredible products. Thinking about what athletes of the future will wear inspired the design for the Signals Short Sleeve Knit.

    Two layers: poly mesh fabric outer layer, poly jersey fabric underneath; breathable and comfortable during the day or night as a layering piece or by itself. The logo taping at the hem is reflective and reads “LFTD”. Two light grey stripes printed on each sleeve, one thick, one thin.

    Decades from now, sports could be very different. Will sudden death mean the same thing? Will survival be the name of the game? Who will be the victor? Message: Through thick and thin, our roots grow deeper. Brought to you by l-r-g, brand of creative champions.

    The Signals Short Sleeve Knit goes well with Opponent Training Short, Burial Walk Short, and Vampin Sweatshorts.





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