• LRG Spring 2014 Artist Lookbook Feat. Raekwon, Pro Era, Black Cobain, Dyme A Duzin

    For LRG’s second installment of our Spring 14 lookbook, we teamed up with New York-based photographer Brook Bobbins and some of the freshest talent in the rap game. Waving the banner of underground inventive, Pro Era (CJ Fly, Statik Selektah, RokaMouth, Dirty Sanchez, Powers Pleasant), Dyme-a-Duzin, Boogz Boogetz, and Black Cobain. Longtime LRG family member, living example of overground effective, Raekwon the Chef made the cypher complete for LRG’s debut line for 2014. Underground inventive overground effective.

    Vid Produced by Patrick Lawler

  • LRG Spring 2014 - Artist Lookbook

  • LRG x Grupa Etam - Lifted in Lodz

    LRG Europe welcomes Grupa Etam to the Artist Driven family.

  • The Come Up: CJ Fly

    XXL Magazine highlights CJ Fly, discussing his background in Brooklyn hip hop, joining Pro Era, and the future of the group. View excerpts from the article and lookout for new music for day Day 4 of Pro Era Week.

    CJ FLY: Being from Brooklyn, you can’t avoid the music that’s around you. Outside, hip-hop will be playing on the radio; you want to be a part of something so deep in your culture. Being the Brooklyn kid that I am, I had to tap into it. [Brooklyn] definitely helped bring definition into the music and the view of what life was. It definitely had a big influence on that. Aside from Brooklyn, look at Bedstuy, for example—Jay-Z and Biggie. There’s a lot to top. Not in the whole Brooklyn, but just from my neighborhood alone. At the top, it’s Jay and Biggie.

    Rapping just came naturally. I don’t think about it too much but I’ve always listen to music as a kid and I didn’t want to do anything else. I’ve always loved poetry, too. I definitely tried to fuse it. You can hear it even when I don’t try. You can hear an accent when I speak sometimes. I try to make my music American and sometimes in our raps, people say they can hear reggae in my voice. I wasn’t trying to, though; it was more natural. All the stuff I was listening to as a child comes out in my music.

    I don’t try to sound like any other artist. Even when we were making Joey’s 1999, we didn’t really pinpoint the hip-hop and be like, “Let’s do this to sound differently.” But that’s what came up—that’s what we projected once we started rapping. We definitely try to manifest everything we’ve planned. But a lot of things were blessings and a lot just came.

    I want Pro.Era to be as big as big as every rap crew in history. I want to be the greatest to do it in the history of legendary rap groups. We have a bunch of spitters with each one of them being able to rap. It separates us from a lot of groups. We can all genuinely rap.

    View the article in its entirety at XXL.com.

  • SUPE x free the robots

  • Dirty Sanchez – Giver Her A Call (feat. Dyemond Lewis & Dessy Hinds)

    Pro Era's Dirty Sanchez, Dyemond Lewis and Dessy Hinds drop "Dirty Dancing", the 3rd track for Pro Era Week.

  • LRG Canada - Arte Lew

    International team rider Arte Lew just dropped a proper part for LRG Canada.

  • Cam’ron & Dame Dash at the VFILES Made Fashion Show Afterparty

    Cam'ron was spotted reppin' the Legacy Sweatshirt at his after party during New York Fashion week, check the photos and follow Killa Cam on Twitter. #HateNowCapeLater

  • Rokamouth & A La $ole featuring Jean Deaux – Dirty Dancing

    As Pro Era week rolls on, Rokamouth and A La $ole pair up with Chicago's Jean Deaux for "Dirty Dancing."

  • College Drop Out Era Kanye West Ads

    Today marks the 10th Anniversary of Kanye West's Roc-A-Fella Debut, The College Dropout. We've dug into our archives and pulled an ad series from 2003-2004 that LRG did in support of Kanye and his now classic album.

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