• Chronixx - Capture Land

    We recently ventured out to the island of Jamaica to touch back with some of our roots and support of the Reggae culture. We linked up with new school reggae ambassador Chronixx for a few days of filming through Kingston and the surrounding towns. The product of our journey is the visual for “Capture Land.” View the photography below and don’t forget to look for Chronixx on the Dread and Terrible tour going on now.

    *All photography by Storm Saulter.

  • LRG Presents Free Skate Day

    This saturday join us at Skate Park of Tampa for Free Skate Day, presented by LRG. Doors Open at 9am with a free BBQ starting at noon, first 100 skateboarders in attendance receive a free T-shirt. We'll See you there

  • GQ- Tonight Featuring Heather Victoria

    Fresh off of the release of his latest album Oakland Rated, Rapper GQ presents his latest visual for "Tonight" featuring Heather Victoria.

  • LRG Presents Upper Decks

    Join Us on thursday, July 31st as we present the "Upper Decks" skate demo and baseball game in Fresno, CA. Featuring skating from Tommy Sandoval, Trent McClung, Carlos Ribeiro, Jack Curtin, & Chico Brenes.

  • Lifted U - Fall 2014

    Want to brand and promote LRG on your College Campus? Lifted U is enrolling for the Fall 2014 semester! Brand and promote LRG on your college campus and get laced up with exclusive product, events, and discounts.Please contact college@l-r-g.com to register.
    *Must have a college email and be a current student - No Exceptions!

  • 106 & Park - The Backroom featuring GQ

    Fresh off of the release of his latest album "Oakland Rated" Rapper, GQ drops some heat on The Backroom on 106 & Park.

  • Agenda 2014 - Longbeach

    The Agenda show rolled back into town last Thursday and Friday, for its stop in Long Beach we were on site to give our accounts and buyers their first look at The LRG Spring 2015 Line. As always, much love to all of our supporters, friends, and family that stopped by to hang out with the team.

    Photos by: ShotbyKvnG

  • Chronixx Dread & Terrible Summer Euro Tour

    Renowned Reggae Musician, Chronixx will be headlong a european tour this summer kicking off August 1st in Belgium. Globetrotters check out the dates below. Lookout for more from Chronixx and LRG.

  • Logic While You Wait Tour Photo Highlights

    The Logic While You Wait Tour presented by LRG just wrapped up. Here are some photos from the final stop at the The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD. Be on the lookout for Logic's much anticipated new album coming soon!

  • Hip Hop DX Interviews 9th Wonder

    Fresh off of the release of our brILLiant youth EP 9th wonder stops by Hip Hop DX for an in-depth interview where he discusses Little Brother's original beginnings, The importance of Branding in today's industry, and explains how he crafts. Check some excerpts and clips from the interview and read the rest in its entirety here.

    HipHopDX: I’m pretty excited about the Jamla roster.

    9th Wonder: Are you really?

    DX: Yeah, I’m easy. I just like talented emcees. I’m a lyrics-first person. You got GQ’s project coming up. What are you excited about?

    9th Wonder: I think people love growth, right. People like to hear growth of an emcee, especially coming from somebody that is “seen as underground” even though I’m on like 20 million albums [Laughs], you know what I mean? People like to see that as us not growing and not expanding and things like that. So when an artist of mine grows and shows versatility, not necessarily trying to make a big hit, but just shows versatility it says something and that’s the thing about Q’s album that I’m excited about because he is probably the most versatile artist that we have. He came in that way. Some artists are one way and then some artists are like "Oh I’m gonna have this type of track or that type of track." No, he’s been like that since day one. I’m excited because he gets to show that and he also gets to show another side of Oakland that hasn’t been shown in a very long time—through the Hyphy movement and all that stuff. But lyricism, like pure just straight driven lyricism, lyrics and deciphering bars. Not to say that doesn’t exist in Oakland at all, I’m just saying in the forefront, it’s been awhile since that has been showcased. And I think that’s the thing about GQ that’s exciting to me and also exciting to the people of Oakland—that he is just straight lyricism as if he is not even like an Oakland native. He may be an Oakland native in his stories, but as far as the way he is delivering it, it’s kind of hard to tell [where he’s from]. So that’s what I’m excited about.

    DX: How do you approach when you’re crafting sound for an artist, or how does let’s say a GQ album differ from a Rapsody album?

    9th Wonder: Just being able for an artist to tell the story. I look at producers like directors and artists like actors. A director makes sure the story line is right or even the setting is right. For us producers, settings to directors is beats for producers. And I have to make sure each artist has a way that they can tell their story on the right setting. And that’s how it’s different from every album—from a Rapsody album or a GQ album, that’s how it’s different. I have to make sure the setting is right for the person to tell their story. A Rapsody setting is gonna be totally different from a GQ setting if you look at them as actors, so that’s how I kind of divide it.

    DX: So is it based off their style? Is it based off their content?

    9th Wonder: It’s based off topic, it’s based off style, it’s based off demographic, who’s listening, you know what I mean? That’s the way it’s divided. It’s a real big psychological science behind creating albums like that you know as far as sequencing and setting the scene for a particular artist. Every time I come to [Los Angeles, California], it sounds cliché, I’ll listen to The Chronic. If you didn’t live here, listening to The Chronic while you’re here makes you feel Los Angeles or feel LA. You know where some of the beats the vibe [were derived from] because artists make music from vibes and surroundings. And it’s always good for Q to go home, spend some time in Oakland and come back to North Carolina because we can’t feel Oakland like he can but he can tell us about Oakland like no other. And I have to have a setting to give that. Same thing with Rapsody and talking about things in North Carolina. I have to have the right setting for it.


    Read the rest of 9th Wonders Interview at Hip Hop DX.

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