LRG x KC Ortiz: Limited Edition “Los Salvajes” Photo Book

November 9th, 2011

Photo journalist KC Ortiz has a track record of going places where no one else would consider setting foot, allowing the images that he captures to tell stories of corruption, violence and despair in the third world. In the past, assignments have found him embedded with Hmong rebels in Laos as well as capturing West Papuan freedom-fighters as they die at the hand of Indonesian rule. His latest work, sponsored by the always inventive clothing brand, LRG, found Ortiz bounding around Puerto Rico with graffiti standouts Vizie, Steel and Omens, of Mad Society Kings and Villains crew infamy, as they painted in the dicey La Perla section of Old San Juan. The result of their travails has been nicely packaged in a limited-edition run of 50 books, each hand-signed by Ortiz, and dubbed Los Salvajes (The Wild Ones). This completely black and white run features Ortiz’s signature photographic sensibilities, combined with handpicked artists from LRG’s stable of artistic heavyweights. KC Ortiz’s work will next be seen in an exhibition setting as he shows 12 new photographs of the West Papuan and Burmese armed struggles at LA’s Known Gallery along side Chicago-based artist, Pose, and dubbed Whitewash. Their must-see works are unveiled November 19 and run through December 10. Purchase your copy at